The Battle of the Browsers

Back in the old days things were very simple. We had only a couple of browsers to choose from.
The battle was mainly between Internet Explorer and Netscape. Did you know that MicroSoft was thinking about charging extra for Explorer? Well, they were untill AOL's Netscape was introduced for free and that put the kabosh on that idea. Today, Netscape is dead but a bazillion other browsers have taken it's place.
Most people don't give a hoot which browser they use as long as it brings up FaceBook and G-Mail. With the advent of Windows 10 we have yet another browser called Edge and Microsoft (Bill and Melinda) really wants you to use it as Explorer 11 is not proudly displayed on the desktop for all to see. You have to find it in the program files. As a matter of fact, IE11 has been placed on the back burner with little or no updates as most of the attention has been given to Edge. Even though you are more familiar with IE Edge seems to be improving on all the benchmark fronts. As a webmaster, I had only two major browers to appease in the olden days. In other words, different browsers will sometimes read html code a little differently so you have to make the code satisfy all of them. Things are a little different now.

The number of browsers out there is mind boggling but it seems that Google Chrome is at the top of the pile as far as users are concerned. Not sure why - maybe because it tends to creep into your system when you're not looking or because it just performs well. When you download certain software and do not notice the checkbox that says you want to also download Chrome and install it as your defaut browser you now have a new browser. Perhaps the reason is, as I suspected, apathy. I don't think Mozilla Firefox operates like that but I can't say for sure with any authority.

Just how many browsers are out there on the World Wide Web. Don't think anyone knows for sure but there's a butt-load. Here are a few: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex, UC, QQ, Sogou Explorer, 360 Secure Browser, Chromium, Maxthon, Phantom, Vivaldi, Pale Moon, Amigo, SeaMonkey, TheWorld, Swing, Slimjet and the hits just keep on coming. Some of these you've never heard of and that might be a good thing as some of them are not good performers and are a little glitchy with few features. You can always Google them to find out more and if they are a fit for you.

The newest browser we like the best is one you've have not heard of yet. It's called Edge Canary which looks a little like Chrome. But that's just us. We tested it against Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Slimjet. From a cold start it out performed each one except Chrome.
Edge Canary is a chromium based web browser developed by Microsoft to try to standardize browsing. The browser is officially under testing but you can download it now. It is lightweight and has a clean modern look and feel. It even has rounded corners on the tabs (unlike Edge). Since The Chromium Project is open source anybody can dive in. And that's what Microsoft has done to give us a cross between Chrome and Edge.
This browser is aimed at Chrome users, and maybe even Firefox users and is availeable at the Microsoft Insider's Site.
You can even (for now) use Chrome extensions in it. We have been using Edge Canary for a while and really like it.

In conclusion Internet Explorer is trailing smoke but still not too bad. Firefox is a little clunky and slower but still not a bad choice given its features and stability. Google Chrome is, of course, the most popular, has a very aggressive update mechanism which could cause problems with some software if not compatible. Good luck finding an older version to revert back to (Google policy). The latest and we think the greatest might be the newest Edge even though they are still working on it.
Ulimately this decision is yours. It's always good to have at least two browsers handy as some things may work in one and not the other without some tech savy.

Below are a couple of links so you can explore further. And in a few months we'll write another boring article about another boring subject.