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If you need to send Media Geek, LLC a Post Office letter our P. O. Address is:

Media Geek
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PC / Laptop Repair

Media Geek will get your PC up and running. We can repair your desktop computer, your all-in-one PC even all brands of Laptops. We have the equipment and the experience to track and repair your problem.

We provide all possible options for the least expensive and best solutions. We even explain in a non-geek way what the problem was and what to look out for in the future.

Some of the Services We Offer

Power supply repair/replacement
Motherboard repair/replacement
LCD screen replacement
Power Jack / Button replacement
Data backup/transfer
Install more memory
Increase performance
All-in-one repair

Update drivers and software
Reinstall operating system
Fix network problems
Virus removal
Operating system upgrade
Set up your new computer

If you buy a new computer we can make sure it works right from the start! Let us update your system, set up accounts, connect your computer to the Web and install programs like free Internet security software, restore your Quickbooks, or install Microsoft Office from your disks. We want your new computer to start off on the right foot.

Phone / Tablet Repair

Back From The Dead Gadget Repair, LLC can now repair your iPhone / Andriod Phone, iPod, Tablet, and Gaming System.

Media Geek is the drop-off point for the Prowers County area. Just bring your "Gadget" into the Media Geek Service Center on West HWY 50 Lamar and it will be transferred to Eads and repaired by a Trained and Certified technician. When the repairs are complete you will be notified and can pick it up at Media Geek in Lamar.

If you would like to contact Back From The Dead Gadget Repair, LLC directly, Phone:(719) 688-0337 or (719) 688-0209.

Remote Services

If you are having computer problems like pop-ups, browser problems and the like and you can still connect to the internet, then Media Geek can remote into your machine and fix these issues without you having to bring your machine in or us having to go to your home or business.
All you have to do is click on the button below and install the software. We will walk you through the installation and explain what to do. Your computer can then be accessed and fixed.

Click on the button and save to your desktop or someplace you can find the file. We will then tell you what to do. Once this software is on your machine you'll only have to give us a couple sets of numbers and that's it.
Virus Removal

We all try to be careful while surfing the web. Even being careful you can get viruses through normal Web activities without even realizing it. Some of those activities may include:

✔ Sharing music, files or photos with other users
✔ Visiting an infected Web site
✔ Opening spam email or an email attachment
✔ Downloading free games, toolbars, and other system utilities
✔ Installing software without fully reading license agreements

Normally it takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes @$50/hr depending on the actual time spent removing malicious files. Alot also depends on the speed of your PC. If you discover that you have a virus or malware turn your computer off and call us.

Website Development

Media Geek, LLC has been providing your professional website development for City or County Government, Organizations, Small Business, and personal for over 15 years.

Don't settle for second best, your site should look professional, neat, easy to look at, interactive, and userfriendly. Your Website is a reflection of your community, business, or organization so show 'em your best.

★ All pages are custom designed
Site and domain name hosting
All the server space you need
Maintenance available
Email setup with domain
We can set it all up

Our WebSite Family

Crop Risk Insurance
Riders' Metal, LLP
Wild West Athletics
Holiday Motel
May Valley Water
ProsperityLane Water
PrairieCat Ranch
My Start Page
Daniels Construction
Valley Glass
Santa Fe RV Campground
Camp & Currell Contruction

Data Recovery

Media Geek can recover your information (pictures, music, documents) and offers this service to all our coverage areas. We can import all your documents, pictures, music, backups for various programs ie. quickbooks. We have even recovered information from computers that have been reformatted. Data can also be recovered from a drive that is not working.

(please read below).

There are different levels of data recovery.

The first level:
Moving your data from a working computer to either disks, external hard drive, flash drive, or other computer.

The second level:
Moving your data from a computer that is not working but the hard drive is readable.

The third level:
In this case files have been deleted or the hard drive has been reformatted possibly to install a new operating system. We cannot guarantee full recovery but many files can be recovered. This is a very long process.

The fourth level:
If your hard drive is physically damaged we will outsource this to specialists that work in what is called "clean rooms".
Media Geek has partnered with a data recovery service   with "clean rooms" for recovering data and/or rebuilding your hardrive with data.

Please remember this level of damage is rare but a real reminder to keep your important data backed up on an external or flash drive because it does happen and sometimes without warning.

Your Internet Speed

Some Things can affect Your Internet Speed!

DOWNLOAD SPEED generally determines how fast your PC brings up websites or how fast pages load. It also will determine if your Netflix rebuffers during movies. If you have low bandwidth chances are, you can increase it through your internet provider for faster internet speed.

WiFi (wireless LAN) - WiFi signal strength varies due to distance, obstacles, and interfering signals, and poorer signal strength means less bandwidth. Using a wired LAN (Ethernet) connection will provide a more reliable speed.

Shared internet - If multiple PCs are sharing a common internet connection, the bandwidth used by other users on your local network is subtracted from the overall available bandwidth. For example, if you are buying a 10 Mbps internet connection and another user at your location starts using 5 Mbps for streaming video, you will only have 5 Mbps remaining.

Surfing the web is like driving a car. You have to drive defensively at all times. The better informed we are, the safer we are on the Information Highway.
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