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Your New Computer

We can custom design & build your next computer. Our computers are backed by local service warranty which means if you have a problem you call us or bring it in and we fix it. No three hour calls to the customer "support" in some far-off country.

Our computer systems are built right here in our service center designed to your specifications. Each unit is assembled using new and name brand, industry standard components. Whether you need a high-end gaming machine, or a "check your email / browse the web" computer, We can do just that. PLUS we can move all the saved files from your old computer to the new one.

Refurbished Dell Inspiron/ 4GB Ram - Win10
CPU Upgraded to dual Core 2.54 GHZ
320GB Hard Drive - Office 2010 - Photoshop CS4
Ready to go! - $119.00

(Monitor not included-PC only)

Used Acer Aspire-Linux/Lite Operating System
Dual Core CPU
120GB Hard Drive - $69.00

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